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Calumet was launched in 1929, as the Myron C. Taylor,
for Pittsburgh Steamship Company, owned by United States Steel.

She was built as a steamer, later converted to diesel propulsion.
However, steam was retained for all the auxiliaries.

She is currently operated by Lower Lakes Transportation Co., Cleveland, OH.

Calumet, and her near-twin sister Maumee, owe their continued existence to their small size,
which allows them to get into many ports where larger boats would be unable to enter,
or would need to enter lightly loaded, at an unprofitable shallow draft.

When she was acquired by Lower Lakes, she was painted quickly and pressed into service.
In early 2003, she had her 5 Year Survey (drydocking), was sandblasted,
and received a beautiful paint job, complete with shadow lettering on the wheelhouse.

These photos show her in 2002, with the old paint wearing to show the Great Lakes Fleet bow stripes.

Calumet unloading - Fairport OH - July 24, 2002

Calumet unloading - Fairport

Calumet unloading - Fairport

Calumet unloading - Fairport

Calumet Unloading,
with the sandsucker Emmett J. Carey in the foreground
Fairport OH 2002

Calumet unloading - Fairport

Calumet Unloading across 2 sandsuckers
Fairport OH 2002

Calumet Unloading across 2 sandsuckers

Calumet Unloading - Fairport OH - Oct. 17, 2002

She was looking pretty shabby then, but has since
been drydocked and repainted - she's now very spiffy!

Calumet Departing - Fairport OH - Oct. 21, 2002

Calumet meeting one of the Wolverine Class boats off Fairport

The Wolverine was just passing by, heading for Ashtabula or Conneaut.

Calumet Unloading - Fairport OH - Aug. 4, 2002

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History of Calumet

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