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After 5 Year Survey and Repainting

74 years young!

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Calumet was launched in 1929, as the Myron C. Taylor,
for Pittsburgh Steamship Company, owned by United States Steel.

She was built as a steamer, later converted to diesel propulsion.
However, steam was retained for all the auxiliaries.

She is currently operated by Lower Lakes Transportation Co., Cleveland, OH.

Calumet, and her near-twin sister Maumee, owe their continued existence to their small size,
which allows them to get into many ports where larger boats would be unable to enter,
or would need to enter lightly loaded, at an unprofitable shallow draft.

When she was acquired by Lower Lakes, she was painted quickly and pressed into service.
In early 2003, she had her 5 Year Survey (drydocking), was sandblasted,
and received a beautiful paint job, complete with shadow lettering on the wheelhouse.

These photos show her in her new 2003 paint job.

Calumet unloading - Fairport OH - April 24, 2003

Standard procedure is to partially unload ("Lighter") at the Osborne "North Dock" downstream,
then move upstream to the cement plant at the "South Dock".
This is done due to shallow water depth at the South Dock.

Lightering at the North Dock.

At this point, she's drawing almost 22 feet forward.
She will reduce this to less than 17 feet forward before moving upstream,
while the stern will remain at 22 feet.

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Moving upstream to the South Dock.
Note bow thruster operating.

After lightering and possibly pumping ballast, she's only drawing 16.5 feet forward.

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Positioning at the South Dock, on the Turning Basin.
Steam is from the steering engine.

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Swinging Out the Boom

The boom must be swung in or out slowly, in several steps, to allow time to pump compensating ballast.
Otherwise, the boat could capsize.

An Unusual Operation

Calumet acting as a cross-river conveyor

Here Calumet demonstrates the versatility of self-unloaders, by operating as a mobile conveyor belt.

She is positioned under the loading chute at the Cleveland salt mine.
Salt is being loaded into her hold, but is then immediately unloaded
over her 250 foot boom conveyor - onto the oppposite side of the river!

History of Calumet

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