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McCauley - 1948 (?)

The Bowling Green site describes McCauley as:
"Military surplus; assembled at Buffalo, NY, in 1948 by Corps of Engineers."
Turney Manufacturing Co., of Houston, Texas, is also mentioned.

McCauley appears to be a near-twin of
Dunbar+Sullivan's Four-Spot,
a standard Clyde Whirley unit.

Viewing the evidence of various naval history publications,
it is clear that during WW-II, Clyde Iron Works of Duluth, Minnesota
built a large number of nearly identical cranes for the military.
Many of these were installed on gantry bases at shipyards and docks,
while others were barge mounted as McCauley is.

After the war, many found their way onto the surplus market.

A foggy morning...

Unloading Stone Blocks From Trucks

Boom Down To Grease Sheaves

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The boom is raised block-and-block for access to the upper sheaves.
Note the safety harness on the worker.

The Corner Office

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Heading Out To Work On The Breakwall

Koziol is an impressive tug!

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At The Breakwall

Koziol turns around to be ready for the return trip.

Dunbar + Sullivan Four-Spot - steam

1927 Bucyrus Erie Dredge

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