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William G. Mather - 1925

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Engine Room Skylight

Fwd Mooring Winches, Used To Position The Boat Along The Dock

Showing Relation Of Aft Mooring Winches To Fairleads

Hatch Winches, And Hatch Bridle

The cable was run along the deck edge to open and close the telescoping sliding hatches.
The 2 hook blocks were attached to stanchions along the deck edge,
one opposite the winch, the other opposite the hatch to be opened or closed.
It was a quick operation, however, the canvas covers required in bad weather were a hassle.
Note the thimble, showing where a lanyard was attached to place and remove
the bridle without leaning over the open hold.
Also a safety feature, a ring handle welded onto the hook, to prevent pinched fingers.

Fairlead, Oldman Boiler Works, Buffalo NY

Steering Engine

Steam Turbine + Automated Boilers

Engine Room Skylight

Auxiliary Caterpillar Diesel Generator

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