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Algorail - 1968

Demonstrating Bow + Stern Thrusters
Lorain, OH - Oct 5, 2002

This sequence shows Algorail at the turning basin in Lorain.
She had unloaded downstream of the NS (NKP) drawbridge,
then called the bridge operator to arrange the movement upriver
to the turning basin, then back down thru the bridge onto the lake.
There were high winds on the lake that day, otherwise she probably
would have backed out onto the lake.

The combination of bow + stern thrusters allows her to turn in her own length.

Many Great Lakes freighters have this feature, allowing them to be
largely independent of tugboats, except in extreme condtions.

The turning basin in Lorain was once a busy industrial area, but is now wooded parkland.
However, around the bend upriver is a large steel mill, which sees substantial boat traffic.

History of Algorail

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